Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh In, Update

Hi guys. Mer & Anne Marie, hope you guys are feeling better. I know I've been MIA lately...I'm buried in schoolwork and trying to write a research paper when I haven't written one in like 11 years, so THAT'S been fun. :( Also had my 10 year wedding anniversary this weekend.
Today was my weigh in day and I'm disappointed. I had an EXACT MAINTAIN AGAIN. 206.6! That is becoming an evil number to me. I really need to track my calories better. I do well in the morning, ok in the afternoon, and by dinner time its like all bets are off. I'm tired of eating out so much...I need to go grocery shopping! But with my husband working strange overnight shifts and me being buried in a research paper, I have absolutely no time to. (So it seems)
The positives here are I'm keeping up with my 30 Day Shred. Today is Day 11 for me, so I am going to tackle Level 2 again. As far as measurements go, I'm losing inches. So that's good...look for a big number next week at my weigh in, though, because I'm kicking the food thing into high gear! I HAVE to be under 200 pounds when I leave for the Bahamas. I just HAVE to.
So I'm going to be posting everything I eat on here every night. Going to try to find a way to paste it in from MFP, and if you guys notice that I'm not doing that, will you PLEASE yell at me?? Please?? I so need someone to help me keep accountable...God knows the people here in real life don't care if I eat myself into a coma.

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  1. *hugs*
    love you!
    Stress acts against your hard work. And I didn't lose weight when I did the shred -- just inches.

    But-- that was when I was nursing, so that might have been why I didn't lose anything.

    You can do this.
    Having food in your house is so much more convenient than having to go out.
    Spend 20 minutes, formulate a list of quick meals that you could make, get a grocery list together, and then get it done.

    Be armed with a plan!!