Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 5 Recap

Score major points for yesterday. I tracked all day! I went over my calories (which are 1530) but I stayed under 1700 so I still consider that a major success. Once again, no snacking at night after dinner. And I just drank all kinds of water! Yay.

I took yesterday as a rest day from the Shred, but I did send Jeremy out to WalMart to get me some 5 pound weights. The plan: let my muscles rest for a day and then come back today even stronger, ready to kick some ass!! The actual outcome: The workout kicked my ass instead. Going up to 5 lb weights from 3 lbs is actually A LOT. Go figure. BUT I got it done first thing this morning, so at least it's out of the way and I can check off another day! Off to make my smoothie!

P.S. ........Where is everyone? Aren't we supposed to be keeping each other accountable? I get being busy on the weekend, but come on guys. Our health is depending on us and we need to make it a priority. We HAVE to stay accountable!!!

P.P.S. Jeremy told me last night that I look narrower around my middle!! Maybe  its starting to pay off already, hmm?

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