Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yikes Jen....
Alright....  here we go, a guilt post in the three minutes I have before I have to leave for rehearsal.
What a day. We got home from church at 3, and I frantically did Valentines cards with Stephen for school and daycare tomorrow.

Okay.. yesterday we had an unplanned trip to a public supper, so I had used a lot more calories than I would have at lunch time.  And I knowingly did NOT pass up the dessert table --  there was hardly any soup left, so I made that choice.   I tracked everything.  Ouch.  But I did it.  It was still under my BMR, so I am feeling okay.

Today is going pretty well. We did pizza hut for lunch, and I had a salad bar, and one and a half pieces of pizza.  When I came home and tracked, I realized that I totally could have had another piece.  But... you know what?  I didn't need it!!!
 That was a victory!

Okay.. I seriously need to go.
And just for the record, taskmaster Jen, you guys WERE holding me accountable... even if I didn't have time to post about it....  :)  I didn't hide my tracker, and I didn't NOT track, and I ..... um...
All progress.

Weigh in tomorrow!

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  1. Very good! I, Taskmater Jennifer, approve!! seriously, good job. I love that feeling of victory that comes after I KNOW I'm not going to make a bad food decision. It's powerful!!