Tuesday, February 15, 2011


had a raspberry cheesecake cookie from subway last night.  which was much better than the giant cupcake that one of the student workers gave me.  it had choc frosting on it and was so tempting!  so i gave it to jeremy and he gave me a cookie he had gotten for dinner.

this morning i ate a cereal bar (120 cals) , a fun size bag of skittles (60 cals), and 1/2 of a Fridays Skillet Meal Shrimp Stirfry (300 cals).

J and I also went running. I ran for 25 min. doing run 4, walk 1.

tonight though is going to be interesting.  a former principal now has a cooking business as a hobby.  She sends out menus and you tell her which ones you want and give her a "donation".  Tonights menu is breakfast casserole, hashbrowns, fruit, and strawberry bread (like banana bread but with strawberries, yum yum). since I didn't make this I have NO idea what the calories are going to be.  I dont feel like i can ask her to calculate it either.  so my plan is to eat small servings and hope for the best. 

i weighed myself today.  :( but i was done a pound from yesterday! :)  i know i said i wasn't going to but when i talked to my hubby about it (he weighs every day like i do) he said he would just weigh on his running days so he could write it down in the log book.  so that is what i am going to do too! i only run 3 times a week and that will still be much better than me weighing every day! 

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