Tuesday, February 8, 2011

crystal's goals

*To lose 60 pounds and to keep it off! 
-This has been my struggle in the past. I can get the weight off but I gained it back.  This last time more so than before.  However, now I'm struggling to lose it period.  Part of that is all in my head.  My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 2 years. For some reason when we are "trying" I can not lose weight.  This summer, we took a break and i was able to lose 20 pounds.  At the end of August we started trying again, and that 20 pounds found it's way back to me! :(

*Eat healthier
-Jeremy and I both work second shift. I get an hour for dinner, he gets 30 minutes. We both go home so we can see each other.  I get home first so i can fix something quick for the two of us.  Usually it's a frozen pizza, a Friday's frozen meal or we go out to eat.  We have a lot of subway parking lot dates.  For lunch, either we go out to eat or he fixes it bc I go to my part time job in the morning right before lunch time.  His repotoire of cooking usually entails a Fridays meals, burgers, hot dogs, or hamburger helper.  I need to start fixing stuff in the crockpot so we can eat better and it will be ready when we come home for dinner.

*Make exercise a habit not a chore.
-Yes, I exercise more than most, but it's still not something I HAVE to do! it's something i know i need to do, and something i feel guilty for when i dont do it. but i dont have that desire to go run just to go run. 

I'm sure i'll add more to this list but this is what i have for now.

I will weigh in on mondays and post whether i'm up or down. starting tomorrow i plan on posting what i eat everyday to help me keep track and accountable for what i am putting in my mouth.


  1. Love it. :)
    And I also love that we were writing these at the same time!

    Do you guys like salads? Having fresh salad on hand makes such a difference for us when we are trying to be healthy. A big tupperware will last a few days. We get croutons or tortilla strips -- not the healthiest, but it definitely makes a salad more fun!

    For veggies I could live off of the frozen veggies -- like the stir fry mixes. I even microwave them sometimes, and then throw cumin, garlic, some cayenne and chili powder on it.... YUM.

    So-- those are some easy, easy ideas that I have been using. (It has to be easy, or I won't be doing it, because I am with the boys by myself in the evenings since my husband is an evening custodian at a local high school.)

  2. I know what you mean about the exercise desire. I don't really have it either. I keep waiting for it to come...but until it does let's just keep forcing ourselves to do it anyway! As far as quick meals go...you know the Healthy Choice frozen dinners are just as easy as heating up somthing from Friday's. They're actually really good, too! And only like 300 calories...maybe you should keep a few on hand just for really hectic nights.

  3. I used to eat the WW or Healthy choice meals before i was married but my husband wont eat them. So if I'm going to cook for him, might as well cook for 2. :(

    I keep waiting too. Seems I am in a constant state of wait. wait for a job, wait for a baby, wait for me to like running.

    good idea mer on the veggies. i'll give it a try!