Monday, February 21, 2011

mon - new day!

my hubby and i went to our favorite mexican restaurant today for lunch.  i was very good and only had 1/2 of what i usually get.  i got a box for the other half.  i counted out my chips (16) and ate them with cheese dip.  salsa would have been a better choice, but i love me some cheese dip.

for snack i ate a honey/peanut butter uncrustable and for dinner i am going to eat a strawberry jelly/peanut butter uncrustable. 

calories today:
chips - 169
1/2 chicken fajita quesadilla (using another mex rest. that was in mfp) - 615
cheese dip - 138
honey uncrustable - 210
strawberry uncrustable - 210
total - 1342

rode exercise bike for 40 minutes, burned 425 cals.

mfp name is estes45. what is all of yours?  how does it work with friends?


  1. Hey Crystal - can you add some veggies to the uncrustable tonight -- broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, anything!! :)

    My Userid is emmaleigh47. I will look for you!

  2. i added you! unfortunately i can't add anythign tonight. i grabbed the uncrustable bc i'm not going home for dinner and am going to my next to last swim practice during my dinner break instead. the uncrustable was easy to grab and fast to eat. ;(

  3. I'm jconner491. Add me, add me! Way to go with the new start...we're gonna LOSE next week!