Monday, February 21, 2011

The Scale Diet ...

Oh I totally forgot to tell you about my other new plan ...its called a Scale Diet.
Now those of you who knows me well know that I am obsessed with the scale. I weigh myself waaay too many times during the course of a day. And I always say that it doesnt affect me, and it doesnt. But what I did notice is that when the scale shows a loss, I am more likely to be lax on myself.

So, as inspired by some other friends, I am going on a Lenten scale diet.
Ash Wednesday (March 9th) will be my last day with a scale -- and then my next weigh in will be April 24th!
I will be measuring weekly instead ...

This will allow me to focus on making good choices and getting exercise without focusing on that darn scale!
Anyone have any thoughts?

Mer: warm moist compresses applied to the face -- mucinex D or just plain robitussin will help. It just takes time.. I am still coughing and congested but energy wise I feel much more human than I did last week. I am certainly glad that I pushed P90X back farther, not even sure I would be up to it today even!

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  1. that sounds like a good plan. i am the opposite though, i am more lax if i am up than when i'm down. it's one of those "if i'm up then we might as well eat badly today"