Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well yesterday didn't go so well in the calorie counting department either.  I did good for lunch, then grazed in the hospitality room during the day, and we went to gatti town to celebrate after the meet.  could have only had 3 pieces to stay under my intake but it was more like 5-6.  :(   on a good note i weighed myself this mornign and actually wasn't up after 2 bad days.  wonder what it woudl have been if i had actually been at the calories i needed?

do you all weigh every day or just on mondays? i weigh every day. usually more than once bc our scale willnot give you the same number if you do it back to back.  i do it until i get the same number twice and go with that. 

today we went to ocharleys for lunch. i counted and tracked all my foods.  i have about 200 cals left for dinner tonight but told j i was going to eat oatmeal.  that'll put me about 40 over but that's much better than the hundreds i've been over the past 2 days.

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  1. I only weigh officially on Mondays, but I do sometimes sneak a peek throughout the week. I try not to because I just have a tendency to get obsessed with the number.

    Good job on your calories. It's all about the baby steps. I have to tell myself that...just baby steps.