Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 2 Recap, and Day 3 beginning

Yesterday Jonathan was sick, and so was my husband, so rather than doing the come home from school early thing, I just stayed home entirely.  It made the food thing pretty easy, but the exercise thing a little more challenging.  I am thrilled that I got at least one workout in (leslie sansone walking with running in place instead) before that decision was made.

My breakfast was so filling that I did not need a snack at all until lunchtime.  (I know that if I was at school, my routine would have made me hungry like clockwork at 10:15!)  It was oatmeal and peanut butter (with some brown sugar too) and it tasted like a nature valley granola bar, but better, because I didn't feel like my  teet were going to break when I took a bite!

Dinner was a bit.... umm.... not the healthiest, but so yummy, and I stayed within my calories (but went wayyyy over in fat)  -- bratwursts with sauteed onions.  Mhhmmmm.

And even with that, I still had a nice calorie deficit at the end of the day.

Oh --- the best part of yesterday (and perhaps the reason for no morning snack) was the two hour snuggle nap with my baby boy!  It was so awesome!!

Today is starting off great, too!
I did the WHOLE video (30 Day Shred) today!  I know why it is so much harder this time....  When I first did it over the summer, I had been working out regularly using the Wii Ea Sports Active.  And then I started 30 Day Shred with 2 lb weights.  Right now I started again after doing NOTHING for way too long, and used my 3 lb weights.  WHOA Nellie.  Now I am blogging and have to get ready for school.
 Have a great day, Ladies!  I am LOVING this.  We are each doing what we need to help us stay on track, and it is SO WORKING for me!!!



  1. the 30 day shred scares me! good job!

  2. I'm glad I have a Shred buddy ;) You're doing great.