Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barely Alive

Hey girls.
I don't recall ever being this sick in my entire life.  I have flu like shakes chills/sweats.  I am hoping I have seen the last of those, though.  I have a very, very bad cold.  DayQuil isn't touching it, and that is my miracle medicine.   And of course, every time I have any kind of cold, I get pleurisy along with it.  Ow.  (That is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs, so basically any time I breath and my lungs touch my rib cage is hurts like a ...... lot.)

I still had a temp when I woke up this morning.
Now I am battling a massive headache and lungache and everything ache and trying to watch my two babies at the same time.

My husband stayed home with me on Monday night when it was the worst, thank God.  But I don't want him to get in trouble on my account, so even though I am miserable, I can't ask him to stay home.

Officially miserable.
Over and out.

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  1. :( Hope you feel better soon! There's a lot of flu/stomach bug going around!