Monday, February 14, 2011

weigh in day

when we started last week, i was at 204/202.  204 was the day meredith emailed me and i had had chinese buffet the day before.  so i was very much in need of something.  202 was the first day after i counted my calories.  so i'm going with it as my starting weight since the 204 was probably just undigested buffet.

i was down to 198.4 today. i thought that was pretty good considering i have been over my calories the past three days.

yesterday i was overy by 150 cals. today i will be over again :(  j and i went to a local mexican restuarant for valentines day. i had chips/queso and a fajita quesadilla.  i plugged it in to my fitness pal using another restuarants calories for the same meal. i'm sure they are a little differnt but figurd they are close enough.

since i'm already over, tonights dinner will consist of oatmeal again.  i like it bc its low cal but makes me feel full.

i'm also going to start trying to NOT weigh every day. Maybe every other for starters and cut back from there.  I do get obsessed with the number so hopefully backing off will keep me more sane!


  1. Wow, you're out of the 200's!! COngratulations. I want that for myself so bad, but can't seem to get there. Hopefully soon. I think you're right to try to scale back the weigh ins.

  2. Wow! Welcome to Onederland... 150 calories wont hurt you because we likely under-estimate what we burn for activities any ways! Fabulous job!! Try a scale diet ... weigh no more than 2 times per week... I am trying it this week. I weighed in this morning and I am not going to weigh in until Thurs or Friday.