Wednesday, February 9, 2011

monday 2/9

today was day 1 of new goals/weight watching/counting calories. 

using the myfitnesspal and lose it aps, i put in my info. based on current weight, goal weight and wanting to lose 2 pounds per week.  one said i needed to eat 1200 calories, while the other said 1300.  after reading rust belt runner's post a few days ago she had found that women should not eat under 1200 period.  so i was a little concerned that 1200-1300 was too few.

Mer said to go to the actual myfitnesspal website and find out what my bmr is and that our calories shouldnt go under that. well it said 1585?!?!?!  Now i dont know what to do!!!

today was not a great day variety wise but i did stay under my calories. here's how it shaped up
7am - venti carmel brulee from starbucks - 300 cals
10am - cinamon crunch bagel with lowfat hazelnut cream cheese from panera 500 cals
9pm - cheeseburger from mcdonalds. 300 cals
total cals - 1100 (under the 1200)

so let me explain how this broke down:
 we had to be at a dr's appt an hour from our house at 8am this morning.  we worked til midnight last night, so i needed a pick me up to get me going.

the bagel was with my hubby while meeting my bil, sil, and neice.

mcdonalds was definitly NOT the plan.  in fact i went to subway first but they were closing early at 9pm, bc of the snow we had gotten/were getting!  I hadn't eaten since 10am so i was starving! i have also decided to boycott subway for a while.  just 2 weeks ago when i went they were out of every thing (bread, meat, veggies).  so they are going to have to earn my trust back before i eat there again.

there was no exercise today. once we got home we both crashed and took a nap before going in to work tonight.  i do plan on running on the treadmill tomorrow, or maybe even venture outside to run in the snow.

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