Sunday, March 13, 2011

weigh in

i went on and weighed in today. like mer we usually have a big lunch after church and it blows it for monday. so i weighed this morning and was 199.0!!!  this was what i was all the week before this past one. last week i was hovering 201-202 all week.  :( i was shocked i was down today bc i ate a whole row of thin mints last night by myself (well j might have had one or two) but still you the point. plus my exercise this week consisted my run 3k run yesterday and biking thursday. that was it!!

this week is THE week.  trying not to think about it too much but that's really all i can do. 

i have a 15k next sunday so i have to do more exercise than i did this past week for sure! 

mer - great job on your weight loss today as well!


  1. Awesome!!

    So....... Are you testing yourself, or going to a Dr for results?

    And..... Did I miss the reason that this is your "last" chance?
    Will be continuing to think of you!!

  2. might be a little tmi - sorry girls!

    we have been trying for 2 years. j has been checked and is fine. i have every test under the sun. they found i had endometriosis and think that is what is causing the problem, plus i have a tilted uterus and small cervix. :( i have had surgery to remove the endo last aug/sept. then was on clomid for a couple months. we have had 3 round of IUI, 2 on clomid still and this last time on another med instead of clomid to fight the endo plus hormone shots.

    basically i can't test until next monday. the way i would find out this week would be if my monthly visitor shows up.... so every time i go to the bathroom i am paranoid by what i might see.

  3. oh and the next step after this past month is invitro which we are not ready to do at this point. maybe in a few years, but we aren't sure when or if we will.

  4. *hugs*
    Thanks for trusting us with your journey....
    I am SOOOOO thinking about you.... and praying for 2 pink lines.