Thursday, March 10, 2011


this has been a horrible week for me eating and exercising wise.  monday i was up after running 7 miles, tuesday i was down from monday but still up for where i was all last week. so i pretty much said screw it and went hog wild on tuesday.

my husband and i went to our fav mexican restuarant and i ate my whole meal and chips and cheese dip.  usually when i'm trying to diet  i will try to limit my chip intake and eat only half of my quesadilla.  not this time.  and to top it off we had one of our tuesday night dinners that i get which was taco salad, a very yummy bean/corn salsa dip with lot of oils, and a chocolate cake. 

today was my first day exercising this week.  my legs were sore for a couple days after sunday's run so i took off bc i have a race coming up this saturday and didnt want to be sore.  today i didnt run but did get on the exercise bike for 23 minutes and did some hand held weight stuff with my arms for the first 5 minutes. 

today has been better though. we had lee's for lunch (3 chicken strips, a biscuit, and potato wedges) but tonight we are having a lean cuisine meal (200 calories) so i will be under my calories for today, unless i get into the thin mints.  which i think i can have a one serving of them and still be under....

next week i find out if we are pregnant or not.  if not then no baby for me.....  i think that is part of my eating problem this week too. i just can't make myself diet knowing next week i may be pregnant.  of course if i'm not i will be able to diet easier, strange as it is i just can not do it for some reason when we are trying....  :(


  1. oh honey....
    I know exactly where you are emotionally.... give yourself some space. Don't worry so much about the food. Up your calories a bit, so that you still have boundaries and goals, but they are more livable right now.

    Focus on getting your exercise....
    And try to do anything you can to keep your mind off of the waiting. *huge hugs*

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed, and sending up so many extra prayers for you guys!!!

  2. Crystal, that's so much stress that you have on you right now. I've crumpled under a lot less!! I really hope that everything works out the way you want it too...i will be thinking about you and sending lots of good energy!
    Other than the pregnancy thing, our weeks were eerily similar...right down to the Mexican cheese dip. I was excited about my weigh in but ended up gaining weight instead of losing, which I thought was a sure bet. So I drowned my frustrations in chips, salsa, and margaritas. Sigh. Oh well. Onward and upward!

  3. thanks girls! it's been an emotional rollercoaster for 2 years now. i'm glad that's it's coming to an end one way or the other next week.

    i like your idea mer about adding some calories back so i can eat more and not feel like i'm failing but it will still hold me accountable and under control.

    we did get some good news yesterday which i forgot to mention in my post. we accepted an offer on our house and will be moving towards the end of april into a house in the country! :) yay!!