Friday, March 25, 2011


i haven't been dieting or keeping track of stuff on myfitnesspal.  waiting is not an easy thing to do.  i didnt get the answer i wanted but i am doing ok with that and know that it will happen if it's meant to be some day. 

so now that i am out of "baby making" mode  i can start focusing on losing weight.  starting monday my hubby and i are both going to get serious and start eating better. 

of course before we do we are hitting up the melting pot saturday night and chinese buffet on sunday.  he had told me we woudl go to the melting pot to celebrate when we were pregnant, since that is not happening any time soon we are going to go anyway and hopefully be celebrating the sell of our house.  we are still waiting to hear back if the people that are buying our house have gotten their loan.  it has seriously taken forever.  we were told last friday we would know, then told wednesday, then told today at 9:30.  it's not 2 with no word about it. :(  so frustrating!!

i am considering joining weight watchers too.  i need to talk it over with jeremy. i know several people that go to meetings and also several who are doing the online version.  not sure which i want to do if i will do it at all or just do it on my own by counting calories.  have any of you done one or the other or both?  which do you prefer?? 

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