Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can it be Wednesday already??

Good Morning, My Lovelies!

What a fantastic week this is turning out to be!!  I am FINALLY HEALTHY!!!!!!

On Monday:
I ate awesome --- good choices, and felt happy and strong all day.
On my lunch break I did a Leslie Sansone walking workout in my classroom.  The second half, I just ignored the cues and RAN around my classroom.  (it's really big.) and it felt SO GOOD.  :)

Oh -- my dinner???  A whole heart of romaine lettuce, 2 scallions and a homemade little vinaigarette that I made. Lemon and Lime juice, a smidge of oil, and an even smaller smidge of white vinegar, and salt and pepper.  May have been the best salad ever!!    Oh -- and then I had some of the yummy thai fried rice that we had made on Saturday.  I love soy sauce.

On Tuesday:
I got up at 4:45 and found an awesome workout on my Netflix instant --- Self: Slim and Sleek Fast.  A fantastic cardio workout with some weights in it as well.  What a great start to the day!!  I knew that I needed to get it in fast, because my 5th grade band had their debut concert last night!!  It was awesome.

My pedometer registered over 12,000 steps for yesterday!  Woot!!

I got up early, ready to get my sweat on-- but little baby boy decided to sleep through the night!  Yay!!  Which means that when my alarm went off, he was hungry.  So I fed him, and by the time I got downstairs, bigger little boy was awake and wanting to "exercise" with me.  Basically that means that he TALKS THE WHOLE TIME and GETS IN MY WAY and complains that he wants to watch his own show.  Yeah.  So I got ten minutes of circuit training in so far.  The weather is getting warmer!  The sun is already shining and it is only 6:10.  I am going to bring my running shoes and stuff to school, and go for a run OUTSIDE!!  I am pretty excited about this.

------  Things that I want to tell you.

1.  I got a bonus check from a program that our insurance company is doing to promote healthy living. With it, I found a new pair of running shoes!  Brooks Ariels.  I am so excited to try them out today!

2. This one is really big.  In September, I finally went to my midwife and was officially diagnosed with Post Partum Depression, and put on Zoloft.  I felt better pretty quickly, but even with all of the reassurance that I would only need the meds for a few months, I was nervous that I would never feel like myself again.   When I was sick with the plague a few weeks ago, I was so out of it, that I didn't take the Zoloft for days and days.  When I finally realized it, I was floored.  I have been off for a while now, and I am REALLY feeling like my happy, normal self!!  I feel even happier than I did on my best days WITH the Zoloft.  :)  Life is, you know.... like, great and stuff.

Must eat breakfast and make my lunch.
Huge heart of romaine salad perhaps??  Yummmmm.


  1. Thats an awesome deal from your insurance company! And what a great way to spend money getting healthy than with new running shoes! :)

  2. Here is the even better part! The first pair that I ordered online, I canceled... or so I thought... because I found them even cheaper on Amazon. So, I received the Amazon pair, and then I got an email saying that the other pair was shipping. I called and was like ?!?!??! and they sent me a return shipping tag by email.

    So, the box arrived, and sat on my counter for a day or two... I never opened the box... and then on Friday morning my husband said... "Why don't you just keep them? You'll need new running shoes eventually! "

    ACK!! I am in love!! (With the 1st, but 2nd received pair of sneakers.... AND my husband. -- LOL)