Wednesday, March 2, 2011

midweek update

yesterday i was down one pound from the week before. i was really pretty happy about this considering i ate out for every meal between friday am and sat. pm. and had chinese buffet sunday afternoon.
monday i did really well til dinner time. i fixed a light dinner but instead of eating my portions that i had already put on my plate, i got more after they were gone.  i was so hungry that night.  :( ended up being about 550 over.

tuesday i ran 2.4 miles with no stopping and no walking.  this is huge for me.  it's been a long time (aug) since i have run that far without walking.  i did well on food too and had 346 to spare.  362 cals were from running. so i was a little over my daily intake but the exercise balanced that out. 

so far today has been good as well. j and i went and biked for 2 miles. we had planned on more but j got a call from his mom that his grandmother was in the hospital and was not doing well at all.  since we already had the bikes out we decided to just ride for a few minutes around the neighborhood.  man oh man is our neighborhood hilly.  you dont realize it when you are in a car, but when you run or bike you start having a new found realization of hills.   i have about 450-550 cals left for dinner tonight.  not sure what we are having.  maybe subway since i can get a 6" and not feel hungry afterwards. 

also, i am completely amazed by myfitnesspal.  you said it yourself mer it has the most comprehensive foods than any other app.  i type something in knowing it wont be there and it is!  it's great!  :)

mer - i am doing ok.  it's easier right now than i thought just bc i know they are not practicing at all.  i think it will be the hardest for me next fall when they start practicing again and i am not there.  :(

ann marie - great job on the p90x and running. 

jenn - looks like your ticker moved in the right direction too! great job!  :)  cruise here you come!

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  1. great job on the running!! woo-hoo!!!

    I cannot wait until my lungs are clear again and I can run! The days are lasting longer again, and I am just itching to get out there.