Monday, March 7, 2011


i have been in the 199's all week long. sunday i ran 7 miles! and today i was up two pounds to 201!! i dont understand it! this is why i get frustrated with exercising.  i didnt eat all my burned calories yesterday although i did eat quite a few of them.  so tell me what in the world caused me to GAIN 2 pounds after running 7 miles?????  how is that possible??


  1. Check again tomorrow.
    Sometimes after intense activity, it takes your body a little bit to realize what the heck you just did to it!!

    Don't get discouraged.

    You KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that running is GOOD for you, and that it is HEALTHY for you, and the RIGHT choice. So do NOT LET THE SCALE MESS WITH YOU!!!!

    (AnnMarie -- this comment is for YOU, too, chica!!)

  2. Crystal, even though I am whining about my 1 pound gain today ... I am in the same boat as you (and ironically enough ran the same amount 7 miles). I feel like I have spent half of today in the bathroom though ... perhaps I am retaining some fluid. Who knows... make good choices and let the rest fall into place! Thanks MER!

  3. i am not counting my weight from today. i'll weigh again tomorrow and see what it says.

    i was in the bathroom all morning too. hopefully tomrorow will be better!