Monday, March 28, 2011

starting over

i am starting over today on my diet. the past week has been very crazy, busy, unhealthy, etc. 

my hubby and i are both on the dieting wagon, so we have cut out a few things to help us on our journey.  no soft drinks or fried foods for at least a month.  only eating out once just the two of us.  We can go to subway during the week and we will eat out for lunch when his brother comes to town which is usually once a week.

i borrowed the book racing weight and have started reading that.   i want to buy a body fat scale to help track my progress. 

i up'd my calories in myfitnesspal, bc i think with running 1200 was putting me in starvation mode and thus the reason for not losing. so i up'd it to 1500. we'll see how that works. 

i have a friend that is doing ww and she said she would buy the new books and the calculator for me next time she went to a meeting.  so i plan on doing that too as well as counting calories. 

i also plan to cut out my late night snack.  we dont eat dinner til between 8:30-9pm. and when we get home at 12 we both like to have a snack.  i am planning on cutting that out as well and just drinking a tea or water. 

i also am going to restart c25k and work on my speed. i know i can run for however long but really want to work on my speed so i think doing it with that program and running as hard as i can during the run intervals will help me get faster. 

any other suggestions? 

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  1. so my first night of not eating when i got home did NOT go so well. i pigged out when i got home. all the stress from moving i guess, plus there was a ton of chocolate in the house from the weekend. the good thing is it is now all gone, the bad thing is i ate most of it, while the hubs only ate a little of it. :(